Jytäkesä Go-Go is an annual 2-day music festival held in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. The event is taking place on Fri 26th and Sat 27th of July 2024 introducing over 30 bands. The line-up is mainly focusing on artists of rock, punk, indie and rap genres, always with a little twist of something completely new and intriguing.

The festival area is located in an old industrial area between the sea and legendary Kallio neighborhood with a vivid nightlife. There are many accommodations within walking distance, also the city center is nearby. The festival area is also accessible by local transport.

There are three outside stages and one inside stage in the area. All stages are active throughout the festival.

You can also enjoy good food and delicious drinks in the popup restaurants, bars and different lounge areas located in the festival area.

The festival is only for adults, children under 18 years of age are not permitted to enter the area.

Our ticket sales partners are Tiketti and Lippupiste. If there are any tickets left when the festival starts, tickets are also sold at the gates of the festival starting 26th of July 3.30 pm.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement to make Jytäkesä Go-Go the best event for our audience and artists. Hope to see you in the audience this year!

All questions regarding the festival: [email protected].